Prebid Debug Mode

Prebid Debug Mode is a powerful way to dive into both setup issues and performance of your adapter partners.

You may be familiar with Prebid’s default method for enabling the “debug” flag – appending &pbjs_debug=true to the URL path of pages with Prebid.js loaded.

Using the browser developer mode tools (Right click Inspect in Chrome or Firefox), Pbjs_debug activates “console logging” -verbose messages based on events within the Prebid lifecycle for important things like bids requested, bids received, bids won and and also warnings when issues arise with adapters, other modules or settings.

Even without Prebid Debug enabled, you are able to open the console and run Javascript that can collect and organize important events in a useful format – for example, you could run a script on a known Prebid publisher and get all of the bidder names, bid prices and bid won events: Powerful intelligence into the dynamics of a programmatic auction.

We’ll be discussing some useful Prebid Debug tips in our Debug series.