How to Prebid

If you’re a publisher working (or looking to work) with Prebid, is here to help. We’re a small, but growing, group of experts in Ad Tech development.

Point One: Publishers have limited technical resources, but can’t afford to lose out on the optimizations that open source tools like Prebid can offer.

The ability to conduct your own auctions and control the bidders within your sites is fundamental…

Despite Google’s attempts to first ignore and then embrace changes by Prebid is the greatest indicator of how powerful Prebid could be.

Even before the open source development was released, header bidding offered large publishers with the technical and business development resources to create programmatic auctions outside of their Google Ad Manager (DoubleClick for Publishers) an immediate way to increase their revenue… in some cases, more than 50%.

It also exposed the cost of “free,” with regards to Google’s ad server – Google was able to look at every impression and make the decisioning, and leaving other line item partners to fight against each other.

If you’re ready to move forward with a more open-source ad tech stack, and would like some help – we’re happy to speak with you.

You can leave us a message and we’ll respond and help you find the appropriate resources to start in-housing the most important feature of your sites and apps.